About us

Miss Orchestra brand appeared for the first time in 2017 with its collection of occasion skirts. In fact, skirts are the pillar the whole brand is based on. There is not only enthusiasm, passion and creativity behind the brand but also hours of hard work and dutiful tailor’s craft. We create and bring you everyday fashion available for all women.

We design ready-to-wear clothes for women inspired by their variedness and needs, what is reflected in every single model. Our concept is based on different styles, colors, patterns and materials since we design models for different types of women in different age categories.

When choosing materials we care mainly about their quality and properties. Besides quality of materials we pay attention to precise work in the process of creating final products. We try to make the models not only practical but also unique and timeless.

Our goal is to make women feel comfortable and self-confident by letting them wear high-
quality pieces of clothing. At the same time, we try to make our models functional and easily
combinable, so that they won't be just hanging in wardrobes. 


Just as our customers, we are women with different styles and in different ages. However, we see our variedness as a benefit. Each one of us puts her own style and individuality into the models, and this is how our classical, timeless, minimalistic and unique pieces are created.

There is well-coordinated team of skilled women and precise hand work behind the whole
production of the models.


Anina is a professional in tailor’s craft with necessary and long-time experience in clothing industry
– artist and creative soul with huge imagination and potential, of which she began to take full advantage in this project
– Anina is responsible mainly for design and technology in the process of model creation
– she is able to materialize all the ideas we have and turn them into a real product


– Mária is active super-mother of three children with perfect time management and pragmatic women and the same time, she is a great example of emancipated woman
– unlimited source of positive energy and enthusiasm, her good mood is infectious
– Mária is businessman body and soul and our driving force with huge plans and ideas
– besides creation of models she is also responsible for marketing and numbers, and she is really great in them, even though she claims that she hates them


– Diana is the youngest member of the team, which, at the same time, makes her the representative of young generation in the process of model creation
– creativity and enthusiasm for creation and business are her inexhaustible source of new ideas and inspiration
– Diana is a perfectionist with a critical eye and her work is characterized by precision
– our “trip manager” – she plans our business trips really minutely
– she is engaged in creation of models, office management and e-shop